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Futuralis Football Transfers BV was founded to help clubs attract the right football players and coaches, and to help players and coaches find the most suitable club. We also have the required financial and legal expertise to complete a transfer when two parties decide to join forces.

FUTURALIS FOOTBALL TRANSFERS: Fast, good and effective!

Matching supply and demand starts with drawing up an accurate PROFILE. Once that is in place, we start searching intensively for the best option within the set conditions.

Our proven success is based on years of experience, monitoring players and coaches closely, and the use of technical tools such as video analysis. Our scouting team has qualified eyes and works fast and with attention to detail.

“Our eyes don’t lie.”

In addition to its experienced scouts, Futuralis has advanced technology at its disposal, including data and video files of hundreds of thousands of professional football players across the world. We use these to make a fast and accurate analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of potential candidates for a transfer to our client.


There is a great deal of money involved in attracting and selling players. These are matters that can lead to success, but also to potential losses. It is all in the detail, and mistakes are easily made. Purchases and sales are a key factor in the financial situation of a club.

Both for the sport and economically, it is imperative for clubs to attract the right player or coach. This makes good scouting essential. Futuralis Football Transfers scouts for clubs in highest divisions, both on a national and international level. We are happy to help you find the right player or coach.


When completing a transfer, extensive knowledge of legal and financial details is of crucial importance. Futuralis Football Transfers has ample know-how when it comes to drawing up and concluding employment contracts. Our directors have extensive experience in business and are well-acquainted with the specific aspects of professional football.


Futuralis Football Transfers can also offer your scouting team and/or technical staff a second opinion on a player, or search for potential alternatives.

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