Futuralis Football Transfers is part of Futuralis Football Group


After leaving SC Heerenveen as technical director on 1 October 2013, Johan Hansma came up with the idea of setting up a business in the football industry, together with Roderik van Kerkhof, a former scout of SC Heerenveen.

This company is called:

Futuralis Football Group BV

Futuralis Football Group (FFG) combines specific knowledge and skills. The FFG team have years of experience in making large business investments, financial strategies and legal affairs. They also have proven experience in scouting players and buying and selling players (SC Heerenveen). Futuralis Football Transfers is part of Futuralis Football Group.

What does Futuralis Football Group offer its clients?

Futuralis Football Group has an independent position in the world of football and connects parties such as clubs, consultants, players’ agencies, agents, and players/coaches with our world-wide network. Parties who FFG considers to be well-suited to each other, can do business together and, like FFG, recognise the importance of making the right investments at the right time and want to make it a success together.